Convenience                                                   Cloth Diapers 101

  • No more pins, folding, or rubber pants like in the olden days.
  • Modern cloth diaper covers can be changed just as quick and easy as a disposable. I promise!
  • Elasticized legs, adjustable closures and waist work just like disposable diapers. Covers are lined with cotton that wicks away moisture from your baby’s skin and hold the wetness only in the insert.
  • Cloth diapers are placed on top of the cover, When changing a diaper just pull out the wet diaper and place a fresh replacement back inside. Simple.
  • The diaper cover can be used multiple times provided it does not get soiled.
  • If your cover is a little damp just lay it out to dry so it can be used later or wash it


  • Our Cloth diaper service does all the work for you!
  • No need to rinse or dunk the diapers
  • Simply place the used diapers in the diaper bag we provide, and we take care of the rest!
  • We pick up, launder, and deliver, sanitized bundles of diapers to your doorstep weekly!

Monkey Butt Cloth Diaper Service