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Monkey Butt Cloth Diaper Service

eco friendly

Environmental impact of disposable diapers:

  • The average parent changes 6000 diapers in a child's life time
  • Each diposable diaper used will take 600 years to decompose
  • Disposable diapers acount for the third most common house hold product in your local landfill
  • A baby in disposable diapers will contribute 2000lbs (1 ton) of waste to a landfill
  • Little known instruction, many disposable diapers say to dump solid waste into the toilet, unfortunately many of us don't read instructions. Human waste in landfills can lead to ground water contaimination by fecal matter

Benefits of Cloth

  • Your decision to use cloth positively effects your baby and your environment
  • Less energy is manufactured to create cloth diapers
  • Cloth diapering allows soild waste to end up in the sewage system (just like using the toilet)
  • Cloth diapers exemplifies the idea of Reduce, Reuse and Recyle
  • Cloth diapers, once no longer needed can be used as rags and will more rapidly decompose
  • We have actively sought Eco conscious partners in all facets of our service
  • We launder with biodegratable soap, offer oko-tex standard diapers, reusable storage bags and plan deliveries during the least impactful travel times throughout Atlanta

Cloth Diaper Service in Atlanta