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We all know that disposable diapers are expensive.  The idea the one child can cost over $3000.00 on average is mind numbing.  It is even worse that once spent the only other use a disposable will ever become is spot in a landfill.  This along with the increasing cost of disposables as your child grows can leave you feeling as if you are just throwing your money away.    

It is because of reasons such as these that modern cloth diapers are making such a comeback.  The average lifespan of one cloth diaper is 2 to 3 years.  (Not only will one cloth diaper be there for your first child its entire life but most likely help with your second as well). After a diaper has become deemed not usable it becomes rags for local companies cleaning staff around the city.  And when a cloth diaper reaches its final resting spot it decomposes much faster since it is only cotton.

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