Frequently Asked Question

Q- Do you sell cloth diapers and covers?
A- Yes! Even though we are a service we are more then happy to provide you with your own cloth diapers, we sell 100% Non-bleached cotton prefolds. The covers we provide are Thirsties duo wraps due to durability, style and ease of use. The great thing about buying cloth from us, is that we will buy it back when your done. Contact us for pricing.

Q– What if my diapers are not out in time for pick-up?
​ A – Its OK, We will still drop off a clean bundle of diapers just give us a call (if we don’t call you first) and we will figure out a time to pick them up. (a minimal fee will apply)

Q -
Did you buy out or are you associated with any previous diaper service in Atlanta?
 A - No. This is a new service that we built from the bottom up. (get it bottom?)  Though we did use Cottontails diaper service for our own daughters. Once we found out Cottontails was closing we came to the decision that Atlanta shouldn’t be the only major city in the country that did not offer cloth. 

Q– Do you offer home delivery? 
A – Wouldn’t be much of a service if we didn’t.  Our diapers will be dropped off at your home once a week. Place your baby's bag of used diapers out by 3:00pm and write on the given card how many clean cloth diapers you still have. We will pick up the used ones and replace them with a fresh batch that you will find ready for you the next morning.

Q – How do I know my delivery and pick-up date?
A – Delivery and pickup dates are based on location; we will let you know upon signing up.

Q - Are your rates per child?
A - Yes. There are a lot of different expenses that come with running a cloth diaper service.
​ (Its more then just washing and driving if you can believe it).

​ Q – Can I gift diaper service? 
A – Yes, We have gift certificates available for purchase starting as low as $20.00

Q -
Are you the only cloth diaper service in Atlanta?
 A - Yes, but I have heard that Amazon will deliver Pampers to you door. 

Q – What about referrals?
A – Of course, for every friend, family member or Joe on the street that you refer and uses cloth for 8 weeks we will send you a $20 gift card.

Q – Do I get a discount if I have more then one child in cloth? 
A – The gas it take for us to come to your house stays the same no matter how many children you have so we will take 10% off on each additional child.

Q – What are my payment options?
A – We except Cash, Check, Credit Card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express) and Monkey Butt gift cards. The easiest way is to set us up on bill pay through your bank.

Q – What type of cloth diapers do you offer? 
A – We use 100% Non-bleached cotton prefolds due to the ease of use and versatility.

Q – How many cloth diapers do I receive? 
A – 6 lbs. - 18 lbs. receive 70 newborn cloth diapers a week; babies 18- 35 lbs. receive 55 regular cloth diapers a week.

Q –What do I do with my extra clean diapers? 
A – Just keep them, you will only set out your dirty diapers on pickup days and those will be the ones we sanitize and return the next week.

Q – What happens if I run out of diapers?
A – ​ No worries, just give us a call when you see that you are starting to run a bit short and we will bring some out your way (delivery fee may apply).  We understand that a child can have a diaper heavy week and we can work with you. If you find that you are using most or all of your diapers each week you should think about adding on an extra 10 or 20 diapers to your order each week.

Q – Can you suggest a cover to use
A – We personally like Thirsties and used them on all three of our children.  During our in home demonstration we show you multiple types of diaper covers so that you can find one you are comfortable with.

Q –Do I have to dunk my diapers?
A – Nope, just flip any solids in the toilet (you’re supposed to do this with disposables also) and then toss the diaper in the hamper. If it’s not flipable then don’t worry about it. 

Q – How many covers should I have?
A – We recommend at least 6, but to be honest once you see all of the wonderful designs and colors you might just find yourself buying one to match an outfit or two (we did).

Q – Who launders the covers?
A – You do, just toss them in the wash and dry them on low or hang them up to dry. Easy!

Q - Can you wash and return my personal prefold diapers?
A - Yes! In order to have your own diapers delivered back to you each week you would first need to purchase diapers from us (to ensure quality during laundering). Second, you will have to have your diapers embroidered with a color coded tac. (Contact us to find out your color) Third, Start Service!! To find out more give us a call

Q – How does billing work?
A – We bill 4 weeks in advance, with your first payment acting as a non-refundable deposit.

Q- Why is my first month payment non-refundable? 
​ A- Only your first payment is non-refundable, this is because cloth diapers are reserved for your child and other clients could be postponed service due to our diaper supply. Once your first month of service has past you only pay for the weeks of service used. (If you stop service half way through a billing cycle you will receive a refund for the remaining unused weeks.)

Q – Oh No I lost a diaper.
A – Don’t fret we can get new ones, there is a small fee of $2.00 for every diaper lost or destroyed.

​ Q – How does cloth diapers and daycare work? 
A – Just give your daycare a call, you would be surprised how many in the Atlanta area are already using cloth. After you speak with your daycare just provide a wet bag for them to place the diapers in each day and empty the bag in to your hamper when your child returns home.

Q – How does cloth diapers and vacation work? 
A –  If it is just a weekend of fun you can bring a wet bag or two with you along for the ride. If your trip is going to be some what longer give us a heads up so we can switch out your diapers a day or two before you leave making sure you have enough while gone. Or you can always find a service to provide you with cloth while on vacation; if you need help finding one just give us a call.

​ Q – Can I use diaper cream?
A – While diaper cream isn’t needed as often as it is with disposables, if you find you are in need  please don’t us Regular or Original Formula Desitin as these ointments contain a large amount of cod liver oil and zinc oxide, which can leave permanent spots to your diapers. A few diaper creams that are great for baby and nice to diapers are Angel Baby Bottom Balm, California Baby, Magic Stick, or Punkin Butt Bottom Balm.

If you have a question please call us and ask, You never know​

it might get added to the list.