Reasons for Dad

       Being a father myself, I know first hand the fear that comes with those two little words, "cloth diapers.” Immediately I had visions of scrubbing diapers up and down a corrugated board as I knelt in front of the toilet.  To this day I can hear my wife’s voice saying "just try if for 30 days, anyone can do anything for 30 days."

So I found a cloth diaper service in Atlanta and at first it was a little awkward trying to master my diaper origami skills. Of course she made it look easy but after a week I was doing it in the dark in the middle of the night.  Now, I pre-fold two or three cloth diapers before I go to bed so they are ready. (You would think that this plan is common sense but it took me a few months to figure that trick out.) Also I found out that I don’t have to wash them or even clean them off in the toilet. You just wad it up and throw it in the hamper, no mess, no stinky trashcan in the kitchen or bedroom it was great. 

As time went on I found the few times we have had to use disposable (it will happen to you too) they were much more difficult then the cloth diapers I had been used too. The tabs would pull off or rip, my child would sweat and get a rash and if my daughter spilled a cup of water while drinking (or playing) a diaper would be wasted.  

Knowing all this now I probably wouldn't have put up such a fight. But I never would have thought, I'd be the one taking and washing the diapers...


 If my wife buys me a corrugated board I’m going to...

​                                                                             Ian Stedman

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